All at home together – it’s not just a normal day at the workbench!

With the Covid-19 situation getting more controlled most crafters and makers would see this as a normal day at work. But there will be an impact of having those extra family members around and concerns over the continuation of the supply chain.

Most families have now taken on-board the directive to stay at home but if the situation deteriorates through extra government controls or through the spread of the virus affecting more people what is the best option for the crafters and makers?

My opinion is to order items now for the foreseeable future, bearing in mind the lack of trade currently taking place, but being ready when restrictions are finally lifted. Suppliers that are still trading online will find it easier to deal with larger one-off orders in the short-term but we must make sure that we don’t hoard and make it impossible for fellow makers and crafters to enjoy their work.

Current information points to a three-month control; possibly extending on to autumn if the virus does not recede. My wife and I are looking to be back hopefully for the Christmas period therefore, although strange, we are considering our autumn and winter stock now – before we have even reached the summer – writing that off as a lost cause at this stage.

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