Here at Firestone Studios, we get immense pleasure from making and creating. We use a range of media and often mix them together. Our work is continuously evolving and each piece becomes a springboard for the next. We love to work collaboratively and as a family, combining skills and ideas. We are a bit obsessive, and often become consumed by a series of works. Each piece we makes feels much like putting logs on our wood burner Рit feeds and keeps our creative spark alive. Our studios overlook Firestone Copse, where we regularly walk and collect the kindling for our log burner whilst quietly observing the creatures going about their business, unaware of the turbulence of these strange times. We gain inspiration from their beauty, and this feeds in to our work. Owls balance on pots, foxes huddle again T-light holders, squirrels are pyrographed on to keyrings and leaves are arranged and printed by our boys. Kirstie’s little friend Bobs the robin, who often joins her in her studio, has been a great source of joy and inspiration of late.

We enjoy our relationship with the galleries who support us – please look to them to purchase our creations. Details can be found on our Stockists Page. Throughout the covid crisis they have amazed us with their determination. When they have been forced to close, many have been offering a delivery/collection service so please do your shopping with these small businesses and help them to stay afloat. You can also purchase from our online shop. If you live on the Isle of Wight you are welcome to collect from us and where possible we will provide a delivery service. We also accept commissions.

Stunning unique gifts, beautifully made.

Verne Gail Porter


Fabulous work with lovely creative edge. Make excellent gifts

Vanessa Eley