FIrestone Studios Isle of Wight


Husband and wife team, Paul & Kirstie Hayler, have setup home in the most beautiful part of Britain – Havenstreet, Isle of Wight. Famous for its steam railway and fabulous walks, Havenstreet is a typical country village.

The studios back on to the picturesque Firestone Copse.

Latest Projects

Firestone Studios
Firestone Studios22 hours ago
Polite reminder to all cats at @RIWCountyshow, please form an orderly queue for your Firestone Studios Cat Bowl. No pushing, shoving, scratching or meowing will be tolerated.
Firestone Studios
Firestone Studios5 days ago
Kirstie has gone baaaaarmy producing item for the @RIWCountyshow. Checkout our website to see where we will be this year!
Firestone Studios
Firestone Studios6 days ago
We are moooooving ready for the @RIWCountyshow with this cute cream jug!
Firestone Studios
Firestone Studios1 week ago
Horsey, horsey don't you stop ... all go at Firestone Studios preparing for the @RIWCountyshow

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