About Us

A Family Affair

"I trained at Brighton School of Art and gained a BA Hon’s degree 2:1 in Fine Art, painting. After graduating, I secured a job as a cruise ship photographer, which gave me the perfect training (crowd control!) to become a wedding photographer. I did this for many years, alongside many enjoyable freelance illustration commissions. Clients included John Lewis, Debenhams, Emotional Rescue, Paperlink and Abacus. Twelve years ago, I was introduced to the potter’s wheel. I immediately became hooked. However, two young children and a move to an area with no pottery facilities put a stop to my dalliance with clay until moving to the Isle of Wight a year ago. The downstairs loo was converted into the smallest pottery on the island (and possibly the world) and I have never been more content. Clay enthrals me. I know that if I potted every day for the rest of my life, I will die still with things to learn. Its possibilities are endless. Its physicality is, for me, going back to where I first began. Painting was my first love, and then my career in photography and illustration took me away from the lovely mess of paint and in to the clean world of digital image making. I am now back to a place where both my body and my mind have to be utterly focused in the creation of the perfect, and gloriously messy, form. It demands mindfulness. I am very lucky to have a technically-minded husband who is able to mix all of our glazes from scratch, using raw ingredients and stains. It is wonderful that it is a true artistic collaboration."


"When I left school, I trained for four years to become a qualified electrician. I did this happily for many years, whilst teaching myself web design. Realising that I had an aptitude for programming, I made a brave move and set up as a full-time freelance web designer. Alongside this I taught web design part time. I am now the CEO of Global Content. In contrast to my work life, I have always been good with my hands. I find that I feel more balanced if I am able to channel my creativity and make something from scratch. I enjoy using wood and crafting furniture. I then challenged myself to building a timber framed conservatory. It is still standing! In the same house was a round window with glass that needed replacing. It occurred to me how beautiful it would be if replaced with stained glass. After many hours watching ‘how to’ videos on YouTube, I made my first piece of stained glass. I have not stopped since. Alongside converting the loo in to a pottery, the other priority in our new home on the Isle of Wight was to build myself a studio. It does of course have a lovely stained-glass window! From here I built the shutters for all of the windows in the house. I then made a new window for our neighbours and am currently creating a large shower door for our new bathroom. Kirstie and I really embrace the importance of keeping old traditions alive. Kirstie’s Mum taught her to spin and knit, and we are very proud that our two boys like to knit, sew, make pots and help with the glass. These traditions need to be kept alive."